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5/5 stars January 20th 
She's one of the best I absolutely love working with her. She puts so much love into what she does and she's very professional. I would totally recommended working with her :)
Laura M./model

5/5 stars January 18th 
Gina is great to work with, I highly recommend her. She loves what she does and goes the extra mile from details on styling and makeup.
Vanessa G./model

5/5 stars January 17th
She is truly amazing at what she does! she also makes you feel very comfortable. I loved working with her and hope to work with her more in the future.
Shannon H./model

5/5 stars January 15th
Very Professional and pleasant to work with
Vince O./El Classificado

5/5 stars January 14th
Kim B./model I’ve known Gina Leon for many years and have worked with her on numerous professional photo shoots over the years. Gina is always very professional, giving her clients her best each and every time. She is very patient and will work with you to form the exact look you are going for, she makes me look so beautiful!!! I highly recommend Gina Leon

5/5 stars January 14th
Amazing woman who is not only talented with makeup application, but so many other things. If you need a reliable person you can trust to put your best face forward, Gina is your woman. She is a pleasure to be around and super talented!
Kate S./model

5/5 stars January 14th
I have met Gina and Leo at an event a few years back, had my hair and makeup done, which looked sensational, I enjoyed working with Gina and Leo ever since the first event I ever met them at. Gina and Leo will help you find where you belong in the industry and push you to keep going. If it wasn't for Gina and Leo I don't know where I would be today, you both have been great modeling opportunities for any and all girls to see how life is like in the modeling world they will help you succeed if this is what you want. These are great people to work with and have a wonderful experience in modeling or possibly mua work. Good luck to all.
Samii M./model

5/5 stars January 13th
I love looking at the Models that Miss Gina transforms for her husband's beautiful Photographs. Gina has alway's been excellent at what she doesl
Eva A G./visitor                                                                                                                                              

5/5 stars January 13th
Gina is very professional and does excellent work :-)
Jeanette G.