Product Name
Oatmeal Soap Bar
Oatmeal Facial Wash
3 oz. $4.99
Oatmeal Body Wash
3 oz. $4.99
Facial Clay Masks
$4.99 All Skin Types
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100% Rose Water toner All Skin Types
2 oz. $3.99 or 8 oz. $5.99 
All products are 100% natural, satisfaction guaranteed. Please do not use if your skin has an allergic reaction to rose or oatmeal.  All sales are final.  No returns but exchanges will be considered.
100% Rose Water Spray  Tea-Toner/Astringent Tightens,Tones,and Balances Benefits All Skin Types
Gypsy Rose Spray
Fresh Rose Soap Glycerin Oatmeal, Sugar Scrub or Salt Scrub All Skin Types $4.99
Fresh Rose Soap Creamy Oatmeal, Sugar Scrub or Salt Scrub All Skin Types $4.99